XV Ogólnopolski Zjazd Socjologiczny

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The 15th Congress of the Polish Sociological Association "What after Crisis?" will take place in the University of Szczecin on September 11th-14th, 2013

Dear Colleagues,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

The 15th Congress of the Polish Sociological Association in Szczecin should meet three functions. First, cognitive, means the multiplication of our knowledge about the deep crisis of the European Union and, in particular, some European countries. This crisis, contrary to many opinions, it is not only an economic collapse. This is a crisis of integration processes, resulting from the different values hierarchies, different assessments about the future of Europe and a different understanding of the nature of social solidarity. Of course, in the first place we see the situation of the monetary union countries, but it can not override the need for the necessary restructuring of the European Union, especially in the non-economic dimensions.
Our Congress should also integrate us and the University of Szczecin become a meeting place for social scientists and scientific dialogue within Poland and abroad. This kind of meeting and friendly debate is really needed, especially in the conditions in which we found academic sociology.
And finally, not least important, symbolic function. Congress organization is regarded as a sign of maturity of the milieu, which has taken the task of its preparation. We hope that the meeting Szczecin will successfully fulfill all these functions. We invite you, therefore, to participate.

On behalf of the Programme Council of the Congress,
President: Marek S. Szczepanski

Dear Colleagues,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

We cordially invite you to a search for answers to the question "What after crisis?". We will be trying to present an image of forthcoming social order and possible models based on post-crisis agenda. Discussion on this topic will be held in September 2013, during the XVth Congress of the Polish Sociological Association, this time in Western Pomerania, Szczecin. The meeting host will be Szczecin branch of the Polish Sociological Association, and - obviously - the Institute of Sociology, which is an organizational unit of the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Szczecin.
The issues of Congress that has been formulated in "what after crisis?" question is only an excuse for generalizations regarding the condition of sociology, its areas  and research methods.
Taking on the Congress organization Szczecin sociological milieu is fully aware of the responsibility. We will make every effort to connect fruitful discussion with a nice atmosphere.

See you in Szczecin,

President of the Szczecin Branch                                         Director of the Institute of Sociology
of the Polish Sociological Association                                  at the University of Szczecin

dr Żaneta Stasieniuk                                                              prof. dr hab. Oxana Kozlova